Digimon Card Game: Tamer's Set 5 (PB-11) (Pre-Order)
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Digimon Card Game - Dimensional Phase Booster Display BT11  (Pre-Order)
  Description:The 11th Digimon Card Game set is here! Dimensional Phase includes 3 types rerecording cards with new parallel design! These cards are best match...
Digimon Card Game - Advanced Deck Set ST14 (Pre-Order)
Description:The first Mega Deck Set in the Digimon Card Game themed around the fan favourite Beelzemon! All cards are silver foil, and the deck is...
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 Release Date: 04/11/22 Description:Introducing the second gift box from the Digimon trading Card Game. Filled with lots of Digimon goodies for players, this box contains...
Digimon Card Game - 2nd Anniversary Set PB12 (Pre-Order)
 Release Date: 31st March 2023 Description:This brilliant set has a load of products to celebrate the 2nd anniversary of the Digimon Card Game's English version release!...
Digimon Card Game - XROS Encounter Booster Display BT10
  Description:More information coming soon.Features:• TBCContents:• TBC • TBCRelease Date: 14/10/22・Common ×69・Uncommon ×50・Rare ×45・Super Rare ×20・Secret Rare ×3Each display contains 2 Box Topper Card Packs...
Digimon Card Game - Tamer Goods Set Angewomon & LadyDevimon PB14 (Pre-Order)
  Release Date: 30/06/23 Description:Chosen by user vote, Angewomon and LadyDevimon are finally available as a Playmat and Card set! Enjoy this gorgeous new illustration...
Digimon Card Game - Royal Knights Binder Set PB-13 (Pre-Order)
  Release Date: 30/06/23 Description:Digimon Card Game's first card binder product is now available. Featuring a gorgeous illustration of the Royal Knights! Not only that,...
Digimon Card Game - Across Time Booster Display BT12  (Pre-Order)
  Description:The 12th Digimon Card Game set is here! Gather Tamer & Digimon from previous animation series, including ones who appeared in Xros Wars: The...
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