Betrayal at Baldur's Gate

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Never split the Party...unless someone is the traitor! The city of Baldur's Gate has become twisted by evil. ENTER IF YOU DARE!

With every tile you place, your adventuring party works together to build the city's catacombs and alleys. That is, until some horrific evil turns one of you against the others!

Then it's a race for survival as you can face an onslaught of fearsome monsters from the Dungeons & Dragons universe, like beholders and mind flayers.

Based on the award-winning "Betrayal at House on the Hill" board game, Betrayal at Baldur's Gate offers 50 brand-new scenarios, filled woth danger and dread. You'll return to Baldur's Gate again and again only to discover it's never the same adventure twice.

- Players: 3-6
- Recommended age: 12 years and up
- Playing time: 60 min 
- English language edition