Dragon Ball Super CG: Battle Evolution (EB-01)


Aimed at powering up current decks! Like Draft Box, this release contains many generic cards useful to reinforce all deck types. Combined with current cards, this enables players to strengthen the themes they want, and create new themed decks as well! This booster release is filled with highly desired new cards and essential reprints, excellent for all players!

68 new cards for new theme decks & powering up current decks!

Support for popular themes and reboot leaders!

New cards to power up fan-favorite decks like Android 21 and Goku's Lineage! For the first time in DBSCG history, new cards help players build a “Heroine deck”, “Nappa & Saibaiman deck” and more! New themes can be made by combining cards with previous sets. And finally, Tien Shinhan makes his long-awaited debut as a Leader Card!

Reprints and new cards, all the pieces you need to fill up your decks!! Contains highly requested reprints! These powerful and essential cards are everything returning players and new players need! Also, includes SR reprints from Draft Box 04 and 05! *Reprint Examples

  • DB2-069 {Ribrianne, Punishing Passion} (SR)
  • DB1-056 {SS Rosé Goku Black, a Delicate Plan} (R)
  • XD2-08 {Android 21, A Bad Omen} (Expert Deck XD Exclusive)
  • 12 New SR cards and 4 reprints, total 16 SR cards to collect!
  • The 4 SR reprints are in Alt Art design so don’t miss out!


Dragon Ball Super Card Game - Battle Evolution Booster Box EB-01 (24 booster packs).

The EB-01 set consists of:

・Common ×60 (normal / holo ver.)
・Uncommon ×30 (normal / holo ver.)
・Rare ×18 (normal / holo ver.)
・Super Rare ×16
・Secret Rare ×1
(68 new cards / 57 reprints)

Each booster pack contains 12 random cards per booster, from the above types.