Pokemon -Alolan Sandslash GX Box


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Release Date:
24th January 2020.

From the warmth of Alola comes a frosty challenger with quick claws and spiky blue quills: Alolan Sandslash-GX! The Pokémon Trading Card Game: Alolan Sandslash-GX Box brings that dangerous Pokémon and its icy power directly to you, with foil versions in both playable and jumbo sizes. Roll out with calm, steady power, and add Alolan Sandslash-GX to your Pokémon TCG collection today!

• Features beautiful artwork of the Alolan version of Sandslash.
• Brings treats and treasures to your collection.
• Includes special foil promo card.

• 4 x Pokemon TCG Boosters
• 1 x Oversized promo card
• 1 x GX Promo Card
• 1 x TCG code card