Pokemon-Collector Chest-Single Strike Tepig/Rapid Strike Shinx

£25.99 £26.99

Packed full of booster packs, promo card and merch, the 2021 collectors chest is the perfect gift for any Pokemon collector. Features the two Urshifu VMAX forms on the front.

• Foil promo cards, fun accessories and a sturdy tin to hold it all.
• Expand your collection with booster packs.
• Featuring Urshify VMAX on the front.

Collector Chests typically include:
• 2 x Foil Promo Cards
• 2 x Pokemon Coins
• 5 x Booster Packs
• 4 x Sticker Sheets
• 1 x Collectors Tin
• 1 x Mini Portfolio
• 1 x Code Card
• 1 x Notepad