Space Marine Devastator Squad

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  • Space Marine Devastators are masters of the Long Range war. Bringing the heavy guns to battlefield and capable of destroying armoured targets with their high energy cannons. Carrying out their role by brining such weapons as Multi-Meltas, Grav and Las Cannons to take down heavily armoured units, or dealing with lighter enemy troops with Missile Launchers, Plasma Cannons or Heavy bolters.

    This box set contains enough to make a 5 man squad of Space Marine Devastators with options of 12 different heavy weapons. 11 various helmets all with targeting sensors as well as multiple options for the sergeant. You can either equip multiple squads with decent heavy weapon options, or go all out and build that heavy weapon squad to annihilate your enemies.

    This is a highly detailed plastic kit, miniatures supplied come unpainted and some assembly will be required.